Think clearly and make better decisions

Sequiturs is a platform for reaching better outcomes through better reasoning.

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A familiar tool for thought, reinvented with AI

Sequiturs combines the oldest format of reasoning
— an argument as a series of premises and conclusions —
with the latest capabilities of AI as a "calculator for text".

Clarity through iteration

Arguments can be commented on, challenged by other arguments, and revised.




For you

Use Sequiturs as a private, personal tool for problem-solving.


Create an Issue for a problem you're thinking about.

Explore and reflect

Write an initial Argument about an Issue, then use AI to explore the "argument space". Refine and repeat.


Restrict the visibility of Issues and Arguments to yourself, or others you invite to your Groups.

For your team

Use Sequiturs to align on goals and evolve a concise knowledge base.


Collaboratively evaluate ideas and reach decisions about strategy.

KPIs and OKRs

Use Arguments to analyze your metrics and draw the right conclusions.

Retain knowledge

Arguments are an efficient resource for retaining and transferring organizational knowledge.

For the public

Sequiturs is a better way to discuss online.


Discussion begins with the assertion of a coherent viewpoint: an Argument.


The Argument format simplifies a position to an outline, making it easier to understand.


Comments and Challenges identify which part of the Argument they respond to.


Revisions are visualized as a tree, and can be compared as a "diff".


In-app and email notifications inform you when someone responds to your contributions.

See what better thinking looks like